Mystery Flower

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Please note: This is what would be considered a budget flower. This means it may not be the prettiest, but you can definitely expect a solid smoke for the price. This Budget flower may contains seeds, may be lightly trimmed, or not be as aesthetically pleasing – however, the smoke is definitely a great bargain.

We do our absolute best to provide a diverse variety of budget friendly options, if you ever have any issues please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Option A (Tier 1) - Ounce (28g) + 100 mg Distillate Edibles
Option B (Tier 1) - Ounce (28g) + 100 mg Distillate Edibles
Option C (Tier 1) - Ounce (28g) + 100 mg Distillate Edibles
Option D (Tier 2) - Ounce (28g) + 100 mg Distillate Edibles

Surprise Flower & Concentrates!


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  1. ShirDawg

    Danggg first order from Wholesome Monkey and will ? order again! Big nugs, great flavour, more effective than anything the local cannabis shop has and half the price! I don’t know what strain I had but I do know it was absolutely AAAA quality!

  2. rowettchad

    The mystery oz I got had huge a** nugs, hard as dense as a rock , killer bud these guys never ever have let me down , quality again for the low

  3. paulywogg

    Great taste, heavy hitting. Instill feel this stuff a little the next day. Well worth taking a chance on the mystery bag!

  4. bigbukram

    Everytime I’ve ordered it’s been nothing but ? ? ?. No need to order anywhere else.

  5. Anonymous

    This was fantastic! Very dense bud!

  6. Anonymous

    For the price…. that’s a amazing deal!! Nice buds, nice smell, good taste !! Great buzz ! All that for 99 $ shut up and take my money! ??

  7. n0x

    I got 2oz of the 99$.
    I got a Citrus nose, smoke is smooth and the high is nice and relaxing, no idea what the strain is but that’s half the fun haha. Not the craziest trim job but still solid bud. Will buy again. I like the “RNG” haha tY?

  8. epfrimmer

    Every time I Receive an order I am never disappointed ,the quality is what they advertise and the deals are just that you can’t go wrong ,once you find what works for you, you might be surprised at the other quality products .I hope everyone is as Happy as I am with Wholesome Monkey .Great Product ,great price ,and prompt friendly service…………

  9. satie_g

    This was on of the best. high thc and awesome.
    It was a real mystery

    • epfrimmer

      the last mystery flower I received really was ( for me anyway) helped with the energy,fairly clear head ,but most of all helped with pain,it was nice flavor,not harsh a nice smoke …did the trick for me…problem is I don’t know the name of the strain to reorder it ,love me my mystery flower !You will too I recommend trying it if you haven’t already :}:}:}

  10. craig.king

    I really don’t like not knowing what I am getting but I decided to try the mystery ounce anyway! Let me tell ya I was happy AF I did! B A R G A N ! !
    Ok, I get that you may be thinking it is not a prefect product but there was definitely nothing wrong with it and I will be ordering again.

    I understand not knowing the details prior to ordering but it would be nice to know what is in the package on arrival… dare I say for safety sake. 🙂

  11. Jordan Deangkinay

    Bought 2oz and I enjoyed it very much.
    Very good value. I will be ordering again

  12. pjkendrick

    Not trimmed very well and not a very extensive high. Lots of seeds. Honestly, I would add another $20 to your budget and buy something further up the pricing chart. Not a complaint…i knew what I was getting into :).

  13. nhopfen

    If you don’t mind picking the many seeds out this is an awesome deal, but I am very frustrated because I am tired of receiving seed filled herb from this site, they are in everything I order from this place, even supposed AAAA. Sorry if that seems harsh but it is my experience.

  14. Anonymous

    my title says it all…its $80 now but I paid $100 and got at least 30 seeds. On the bright side, I might start my own site with all these seeds. Everything else I’ve gotten from here was great though!

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