Welcome to the vast world of mail order marijuana...

… or in our case: mail order monkeys!

Now that you’re here, we totally understand this may be a little overwhelming… but rest assured: we’re here for you. After browsing our deeeeeeeelicious menu, if you find anything you’re fond of but you’re unsure of what to do next, we’ll have one of our banana boys help dance you on through the process. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience, if there’s anything we can do to ease you into the process feel free to reach out, anytime.

I suppose that leaves the question… what makes our mail order monkeys better than the marijuana of our competitors? Well, because monkeys are absolutely awesome and we’re straight up bananas.

Below you’ll find an overview of how to order as well as frequently asked questions – if you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate for a second to reach out to our bananas boys!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Our typical business hours are Monday – Sunday 9 AM – 9 PM, though we do pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service; we’re extremely reachable so you will never feel as though you’ve been left hanging!

We’re never really closed, although we only ship on days which Canada Post are open. In the case of Statutory Holidays, we may still process orders on our end – but will not ship until the next business day.

How can I become a member?

Simply! Navigate to the My Account section of the navigation menu (top right of the website) and scroll down to the Registration section. As long as you’re 19+ you’ll be able to become a member with us.

How would I make an order?

We’ve outlined the entire ordering process in the sections above and below this one. Take a peek at the section above this entitled How to Order for a quick guide on how to get your order in.

We further encourage you to take a look at the section below this entitled Order Checklist which is a breakdown of the process from ordering to payment all the way to shipment.

As always, if you have absolutely any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

May I arrange for my order to be picked up?

Unfortunately at this time we’re not accommodating requests for order pick ups. Our standard means of delivery is Canada Post’s Xpresspost service: all items are tracked, delivery times are guaranteed and the delivery status can be checked online on Canada Post’s website.

What is the best way to get in contact?

Our team of customer service legends are easily reachable and always stay strapped with at least one means of communication. Response times are typically fast (5 mins – 1 hour) but may vary depending on how busy we are (3 hours – 12 hours).

We kindly ask for your patience and bare with us during busy periods, though we’ve never had anyone wait longer than 24 hours without a response.

Support ticket: Coming soon!

Email: [email protected]

Live chat: Found at the bottom right of the Homepage of our website (the green chat bubble).

Order Inquiries

This seems way too good to be true... is it?

It absolutely is not!

Don’t worry, we totally get it. We’d be skeptical too if we came across such an awesome website with the dankest products, such insanely reasonable pricing, and most definitely the coolest staff. If you have any questions at all, drop us a line and one of our certified customer service legends will reach out to you in the promptest of manners.

Oh… did we forget to mention our Canada-wide best pricing? Oh no, it’s written up there… but we’ll leave this here just as a lil’ reminder 🙂

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

Sativa and Indica are the two major types of cannabis plants which can mix together to create hybrid strains. Each strain has its own range of effects on the body and mind resulting in a wide range of medicinal benefits.

The high produced from smoking Indica bud is a strong physical body high that will make you sleepy or couch-locked and provides a deep relaxation feeling compared to a Sativa high, which is known to be more energetic and uplifting.

Marijuana strains range from pure Sativas to pure Indicas and hybrid strains consisting of both Indica and sativa (30% Indica-70% Sativa, 50%-50% combinations, 80% Indica-20% Sativa). Because Sativa and Indica buds have very different medicinal benefits and effects, certain strains can be targeted to better treat specific illnesses.

Indica dominant marijuana strains tend to have a strong sweet or sour odour to the buds (ex. Kush, OG Kush) providing a very relaxing and strong body high that is helpful in treating general anxiety, body pain, and sleeping disorders.

Indicas are very effective for overall pain relief and is often used to treat insomnia for many people. Indica buds are most commonly smoked by medical marijuana patients in the late evening or even right before bed due to how sleepy and tired you become when high from an Indica strain of marijuana, like Kush.

Benefits of Indica:

Relieves body pain

Relaxes muscles

Relieves spasms, reduces seizures

Relieves headaches and migraines

Relieves anxiety or stress

Sativa dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy type odour to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic and cerebral high that is best suited for daytime smoking. A Sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy as being high on Sativa can spark new ideas and creations. Many artists take advantage of the creative powers of cannabis Sativa (marijuana) to create paintings.

Benefits of Sativa:

Feelings of well-being and at-ease

Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts

Stimulates and energizes

Increases focus and creativity

Fights depression

Are the product pictures real?

Of course! All product pictures are taken in-house by our disciplined photographer who has claimed to be organically inspired by the quality of our product.

Although not employed by National Geographic, his ability to capture the trees in our jungle are impeccable. However, pictures may vary in the absolute slightest compared to the product. In that case, we ask for your understanding if the product you receive looks slightly different.

We’d like to further assure you that the product pictures are not doctored in any way other than put over a white background.

What happens when an item is out of stock?

The essence of our jungle is to keep the freshest of rotating menus. This means that for the most part, popular strains will stay in the mix while less popular strains may be phased out.

In the case of a strain being sold out after you’ve placed an order, we’ll always replace it with a product most similar to your original selection, in your favour (of equal or greater value).

If there’s a strain that has been phased out, one that you haven’t seen in awhile, or one that you’re longing for – don’t hesitate to reach out, we’ll definitely see what we can do for you!

How can I keep up to date with specials/sales, news, and general monkey business?

We’re all about keeping in touch with the community – especially when it comes to dropping specials, contests, giveaways, and limited time offers. Link up! Follow us on:

Instagram: @TheWholesomeMonkey

Facebook: The Wholesome Monkey

My Shatter turned to Budder or Wax during shipping. What now?

Please be advised that due to circumstances that are out of our control (such as summer heat and humidity during delivery) there is a risk that the Shatter you ordered will turn to Budder or Wax by the time you receive it.

Fortunately, Shatter turning to Budder or Wax is not uncommon when exposed to heat, but it does not make your Shatter unsafe in any way. In fact, the terpenes and aromatics will be more present if this happens and the flavour will actually be increased.

We do not offer any reimbursement or refunds if your shatter turns to Budder or Wax.

My edibles melted during shipping. What do I do?

In rare instances during the summer, some items may run the risk of melting. Unfortuantely, we cannot control this with the gummies and chocolates. If this occurs, we suggest that they be put in the freezer until firm: the medicinal properties of the product will still work, though the products may not be as pretty as intended.

We are unable to replace these items and do our best to warn you on the items pages as well before you order.

My vaporizer/cartridge seems to be defective. How do I proceed?

The vaporizer products which we sell are sensitive with respect to shipping their consumable nature, limited life, and shipping temperatures. In the rare instance where you believe you’ve received a defective product, we do offer a 48 hour Dead on Arrival (DOA) guarantee.

We reserve the right to request the defective product(s) be shipped back with its original packaging and components (costs covered). Once we’ve received the item and have confirmed its defective nature, you’ll be credited or sent a replacement.

I have a problem with my order. WHAT THE HECK!!!

We’ll start by saying right off the jump, don’t worry for a second.

We got you.

In the event of any qualms related to your order that was the result of a mistake on our part or you feel as though your order hasn’t met our commitment to quality – we’ll take care of you. All disputes will be investigated thoroughly and upon determination that you’re eligible fore reimbursement we will issue credit or send you a replacement.

For more detailed information, please read our Terms & Conditions.

Payment & Fees

What are the accepted methods of payment?

Currently we primarily accept email money transfers done through Interac e-Transfer which can be used via your bank’s online banking portal. The Interac e-Transfer option is typically available within the navigation menu of your bank’s website. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

In some cases, Cryptocurrency may be an option, please inquire with a staff member for further details.

Note: we do not accept Tangerine e-Transfers at this time.

What are the shipping fees?

We offer $10 flat rate shipping to Ontario and Quebec. For all other provinces we offer a flat rate of $20.

Our standard means of delivery is Canada Post’s Xpresspost service: all items are tracked, delivery times are guaranteed and the delivery status can be checked online on Canada Post’s website.

Is there a minimum/maximum order amount?

Nope! You can order to your heart’s content, no matter the size of your order.

Do you additionally charge taxes?

No. We practice an all-inclusive pricing model (apart from shipping), so taxes are included in the prices listed on the website.

I have submitted my order, how do I send an Interac e-Transfer?

Once you click on Place Order, you’ll receive payment instructions on the following page (as well as emailed to you) with the details required to complete your Interac e-Transfer.

You will need your Order Number, which can be found on the page with payment information (as well as your email). and must fill out the following in your e-Transfer:

Pay to Email:
Please note, this email can be found on the page that follows checkout (payment information page) as well as in the email you receive after placing your order.

Secret Question:
Your Order Number

Secret Answer:

Order Notes:
My Order Number is #OrderNumber

It’s important you input your order number in both Secret Question and Notes/Memo sections respectively.

If you use online banking with a Canadian bank/credit union, then sending an Interac E-transfer takes just a couple of minutes.

To send an Interac e-Transfer, all you need is an email address, online access to your bank account at a participating financial institution and the email address or mobile phone number of the person that you are sending money to.

For more information on sending an E-transfer, please contact your bank or click here.

I have sent my payment, what happens next?

Once you’ve sent your e-Transfer, it may take up to 1 hour for us to receive an email notifying us of your payment. Your order status will remain on-hold until we collect the e-Transfer (when we process your order) which when happens your

Once payment is received, your order will be shipped the next business day if your order has been paid and processed before 12 AM. Orders submitted between 11:59 PM on Friday and Sunday will be reviewed and processed by Sunday evening and sent out the following Monday.

Delivery by Canada Post’s Xpresspost will take 1-3 business days once it has shipped (depending on your location). You will receive your tracking info by email after it has shipped. Please allow for 1-2 business days of additional time for delivery to remote areas.

We ask for your patience and understanding during statutory holidays and holiday season due to expected delays with Canadian postal services.

For more information about Canada Post’s Xpresspost, please click here.

Where can I find payment instructions?

The payment instructions can be found in one of two places:

1. Order confirmation page.

Upon checking out (clicking the Place Order button), the following page will contain all of the information and instructions you require for payment. If you’ve lost access, the fail safe can be found in the inbox of the email you used to place the order.

2. Order confirmation email. 

Once you’ve submitted your order (clicking the Place Order button), you will receive confirmation via email. All of the information and instructions you require will forever live in your inbox… unless you’re mean and delete it.

If you’re having any trouble with payment instructions whatsoever, don’t hesitate for a second to reach out!

Delivery and Shipping

My payment has been accepted, what are the next steps?

Once your payment has been accepted your order status will change from On-hold to Processing. Once your order is in the processing stage it’s going through the following stages:

Packaging: We’re getting your order ready to be shipped, this typically happens between 9 AM – 12 PM.

Shipping: If your order was submitted, paid, and processed before 9 AM your order will be shipped the day (Monday-Friday). Orders submitted after the cutoff time, will be shipped the following business day. Delivery by Canada Post’s Xpresspost will take 1-3 business days once it has shipped (depending on your location). You will receive your tracking info by email after it has shipped. Please allow for 1-2 business days of additional time for delivery to remote areas.

What are shipping times and your delivery guarantee?

Our standard means of shipping is Canada Post’s Xpresspost guaranteed shipping with tracking. Please see Canada Post website for Xpresspost times and guarantee.

From our experience, shipping to major cities in Canada it is usually 1-2 business days (but we have often seen it as fast as next day). However, we ask that you please refer to the Canada Post link above for guaranteed times.

Once we receive your payment, your order will ship the next business day if the payment is received after 9 AM. If your order is submitted and paid before 9 AM, your package will ship the same day. After it has shipped, please allow 1-3 business days to receive your package. Furthermore, we ask that you allow an extra couple of business days if you live in a remote area.

Your delivery is guaranteed (except for residents of Nunavut, Northern Quebec, or if you provide an inaccurate/incomplete address).

How will my order be packaged?

We take discretion with the most importance, which can be seen through our clandestine methods of shipping. All products are contained within thick, high quality, zipper bags. These bags are then placed in a vacuum seal bag which is vacuum and heat sealed and placed in a odor-proof pouch. This is then placed an a mailer and sent off to you with any possible chance of detection neutralized.

Canada Post shows "Successfully Delivered" though I have not received my order. What is going on?

In this scenario, there are two possible scenarios which are most likely:

a) The postal worker put it in the wrong mailbox, or

b) The postal worker scanned in all the packages saying they were “successfully delivered” then will spend that day and/or the next day delivering it.

If you do not get your package 2 days after the expected delivery date, reach out to us and we will file a trace with the post office. Canada Post will file an investigation which can take 5 business days to complete. If they can locate the package, they will ship it to you and you’ll get it a few days later.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further details.

From Canada Post
The investigation involves contacting the addressee to confirm delivery, or to better understand how they receive their mail and, as applicable, if they checked:

with the front desk, security or mail room at the receiving address to see if someone else accepted the item on their behalf;

their Community Mail Box for the item or parcel compartment key;

around their property to see if the item was left in a safe location or in a mailbox attached to their home.

In rare cases, a delivery scan is entered into our system before the item is delivered. If you become aware that the addressee has received the item before we contact you, simply reply to this e-mail indicating the item has been received.”

My tracking number does not work. What do I do?

In some cases, we may email your tracking number before it is scanned in at the post office. Until it has been scanned in, your tracking number will not be tracked on the Canada Post website.

Please wait until the end of the day/next morning and your tracking number should appear correctly. If it does not, please reach out and we’ll look into it further.

My package is going elsewhere. Where is it going?

If you’re tracking your package on the Canada Post website and it looks like it’s headed to the wrong city, it’s most likely due to human error at Canada Post. Human errors happen on occasion as the postal employee has to manually enter each postal code in the system and if they are off by a digit/letter, it can cause a routing error and subsequent delay of 1-2 days.

In this case, we’ll gladly call into Canada Post and let them know – if you happen to notice this, please let us know!

What happens if I do not receive my package?

If your package has not been delivered due to the fault of Canada Post or if the mistake is on us, we’ll send you a one time replacement package.

For further details, on our replacement policy, please view our Terms & Conditions.

Why was my package sent with a "Signature Required"?

All orders $500+ will be sent automatically with a Signature Required. We do this because it adds another assurance that your shipment gets to the right person at the correct address. If you do not want this option, please leave a note with your order saying “No Signature on delivery please”.

*Note that we do not offer our one-time replacement package guarantee if you remove the “signature on delivery” option.

Why is there no shipping assurance for Nunavut & Northern Quebec?

Unfortunately, we experience much higher percentage of postal thefts when shipping to Northern Quebec and Nunavut.

We cannot offer any delivery guarantees if you live in these areas and you will be ordering at your own risk. If your order is stolen or lost, we reserve the right not to replace it.