Bbygirl’s Castle in the Sky

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This package includes:

– Pineapple Express (Tier 4) – Sativa – Quarter (7g)
– Blue Dream (Tier 4) – Sativa – Quarter (7g)
– Fukushima (Tier 4) – Sativa – Quarter (7g)
– Red Congolese (Tier 4) – Sativa – Quarter (7g)
– Surprise Sativa Flower (Tier 6) – Half-Quarter (3.5g)
– 100 mg Distillate Edibles (Random Flavour)
– 200 mg Distillate Edibles (Random Flavour)
– Free shipping/delivery (coupon code: DiscosDeals)
+ Bonus: Free GIZEH Papers OR Blunts (excluding backwoods)

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  1. Sid Wilson

    This combo was exactly what I was looking for. Strains were great. Amazing deal

    • Jason Villeneuve

      This was my first order. Great way to try a bunch of strains and some bonus gummies. Burns well, pungent smelling, good mix of flavour. Very Pleased. Some small nugs, but that means more weed then stem in my eyes. My second order is the Indica version of this and I’m pretty excited. My mailbox feels like a Christmas tree once again. Thanks monkey ?

  2. RuguyG

    All the strains were good even the Raspberry Dream. But the stars of the show are definitely Pineapple Express and Fukushima Sr. Fukushima goes right to the head but doesn’t couch lock you. The edibles were a nice throw in with great taste.

  3. le4derbyDef4ult

    burns well, for the money you cant go wrong, if you love a good sativa this is for you

    got this for my birthday and it came right on time

  4. george.farmer76

    Was a great smoke and was very happy with it all

  5. Pedro Jesui Monterrubio O

    It was my first time buying from the website and it was amazing, crazy good quality, got high as fuck didn’t even last a month

  6. Anonymous

    Great deal for all sativa strains! All of them were great. If you’re not a daily smoker, like me, this lasted months.

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