The Seed Special

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Please note: This batch of flower has seeds in it. Without the seeds, this would be a Tier 5 tiered flower, however, due to the abundance of seeds we’ve marked it down. The smoke is great, though you will have to pick seeds out.

This package includes:

– Grease Monkey (w/ seeds) – Indica – Ounce (28g)
– 3 Monkey Mix Pre-Rolled Joints
– 100 mg Distillate Edibles
– Disposable Vaporizer Pen: Distillate Oil (1 ml) – Random Flavour
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  1. Anonymous

    The bud in the pre rolls isn’t great, but the price + included edibles and vape + the fact that there were less seeds than I expected more than makes up for that.

  2. PhantomChron

    Amazing deal!! There is no other m.o.m that can compare with the deals of T.W.M. this being a crazy bang for your buck deal. The whole oz only had 42 seeds. My only gripe… The tank that held the distillate in the ccell cart was plastic, tasted fine but was in the back of my mind during every puff. Still a 5 star deal imo.

  3. charles.horel

    tasty edibles, and a very good budget strain. It is a tiny bit of effort to pick the seeds out, but the smoke and high is great.

    The pre-rolls, if you find them dry and a bit hard to smoke, just store them with your weed. It’s good bud but just needs some moisture. I keep all my stuff together with boveda packs which keeps it all at the perfect moisture level.

  4. michaelrunnalls

    Great deal! Good quality smoke, few seeds here and there but nothing overwhelming.

  5. calebokeefe

    Gave my parents the vape and gummies which they enjoyed. The joints were packed too tight so I just broke them down into bowls and they were ok/good. The weed was really frosty and trimmed well quite dank, although I assume because of the seeds it didn’t look like 28g but my scale just broke so I said fck it. The dankness made up for it so I will order more!!!


    This is good smoke. The seeds seperate well and are not an issue in my world. The extra goodies are always awsome. And disposable pen is a great thing to have on hand. A great deal for sure.

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