Great Special #2

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This special is great #2!

This package includes: 

– Flower (Tier 3) – Ounce (28g)
– 0.5 ml Vape Cartridge
= Rolling Papers

FLOWER (28g)



Unreal Deals


Backwoods Blunts

Integra Boost: Humidity Packs (RH 62%)

2-way humidity control packs that control moisture to keep your dried cannabis fresh!

Rolling Papers & Blunts

Surprise Flower & Concentrates!


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  1. satie_g

    This was a good smoke. Taste nice and good quality

  2. fallingfastinc

    I went with the Death Bubba popcorns and the Monkey Mix. The bud smells great and is even tastier to smoke, with each toke I find it helping my stress and anxiety just drift away. The monkey mix is pretty good as well, if you’ve vaped distillate before then you’ll know the taste and slightly different feel of the high. (Make sure you got a pen since it’s just the cart). I highly recommend this special, it’s a pretty good deal for the quality you get at the price they’re asking

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