We’d like to introduce our new referral program, in order to kick start this initiative we’re upping the bonus!

When you refer a friend to us as a new customer, they’ll receive $25 off of their first order. Once their order has been completed, you will receive a $25 voucher for the referral!

In order to access your referral dashboard:

1. Navigate to the “My Account” page, this can be found in the menu bar on the home page.

2. Click the “Refer a Friend” tab.

3. From here you can find your referral link, referral code, sharing options, and referral count.


Please note: Between the referral link and the referral code, one or the other can be used, both are not required. You can choose whichever is easier for you to share! Coupons are not stackable, and a minimum order of $130 is required to redeem the voucher.

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