11 Popular Craft Cannabis Strains

Those who are new to the world of cannabis might not realize just how complex strains can be. However, honing the perfect hybrids has become an artform in its own right. In recent years, the craft cannabis industry has really taken off in a big way, and users are very excited about the possibilities it offers. These quality strains offer something really special and unique for users who are looking for something a little better from their experience.

Here are just 11 of the most popular craft cannabis strain that you can find for sale today.

1. Zkittlez #8

Zkittlez#8 is an indica-dominant blend has a wonderfully tropical, fruity aroma and a sweet, berry-like flavor. Its effects are especially uplifting, unusual for an indica strain, and leaves users alert, happy and focused while also helping to promote relaxation at any time of the day.

2. Romulan #5

The Romulan #5 strain takes its name from an alien race from Star Trek. This potent indica is well-known for the therapeutic qualities it provides. While it’s indica-dominant, some sativa genes have found themselves in the blend over time and this has resulted in impressive cerebral effects for users. Romulan is a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the medicinal benefits of the sedating relaxation that it offers. Users enjoy heavy intoxication with a full-body calm.

Craft Cannabis Romulan #53. Stripper Spit

Stripper Spit is a hybrid blend of two iconic strains – Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies. It offers a smooth smoke while also packing a pretty impressively euphoric punch. Users enjoy a floral yet diesel aroma with a touch of licorice, and the effects are relaxing and uplifting. This is a particularly useful strain to help with anxiety, stress, insomnia and depression. It also induces the munchies, so it’s a good choice if you need an appetite boost too.

4. Papaya Punch

Papaya Punch is a craft indica strain which takes some serious power and impressive flavor from its parents. This hybrid was created from two popular and well-known strains – Purple Punch and Papaya. As you’d expect from its name, you can really detect some tropical flavor when you smoke this flower, but it also takes some berry notes from its Purple Punch ancestor. The initial effects produced by this strain are quite sativa-like, stimulating your mind and inspiring your creativity. After a while, this settles into a comfortable relaxation that is wonderfully sedating. It’s the perfect choice for evening use as it’ll help you get some tranquil rest.

5. Grandpa Larry

Grandpa Larry is derived from Larry OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple, one of the best-known strains out there. This craft strain has a very distinctive scent which comes from its OG parent. The effects produced by this strain are potent and calming. It’s a full-body effect which leaves users happy without being too overwhelmed. It’s great for helping relieve pain, stress, insomnia and depression.

Craft Cannabis Gelato #336. Gelato #33

Gelato #33 originates from the Bay Area’s Cookie Farm. This hybrid has two unusual parents – Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. It’s a well-balanced hybrid which owes a lot to its Cookie genes. Its flavors are fruity, sweet and citrusy – this hybrid has limonene as its dominant terpene, and this lends it its citrus aroma and flavor.  The effects that this strain produces are energetic and uplifting. This makes it a popular choice for use at the end of a long, hard day.

7. Mystical Mule

Mystical Mule has a wonderful name and an equally wonderful effect. Created using craft cross-breeding techniques, the strain takes its qualities from several popular strains which were chosen for their uplifting, euphoric and potent effects. This sativa hybrid has an effervescing, zesty flavor and helps users to find inspiration and creativity. Its flavor and aroma are fruity, with passionfruit, ginger and mango hints.

8. Battle Star

Battle Star was created by marrying two potent indica hybrid strains -Starfighter and Star Killer. Both are known for their powerful effects, and their child offers a wonderful combination of the two. Ideal for anyone who has a preference for OG strains, Battle Star has outstanding flavor and potency. Its Star Killer parent produces its initial effects which are relaxing and calming – ideal for subduing tension and anxiety – while its Starfighter parent ensures the effects are long-lasting. The aroma and flavor are pungent and sour thanks to its OG lineage, however it also has a touch of exotic spice. This isn’t a strain for inexperienced users, but its exhilarating effects are ideal for veterans looking for an outstanding experience.

Craft Cannabis Battle Star9. American Gothic

This hybrid pairs Chem’s Sister with Scott’s OG and the result is a strain which is highly potent and highly flavored. Embodying its Chemdawg lineage, this strain has a skunky aroma, citrusy, earthy and sour flavors, and produces sedating and tranquilizing effects.

10. Sour Berry Blue

Sour Berry Blue pairs the award-winning Alpha Blue with Sour Strawberry genetics for a luscious and sweet berry flavor that conjures up fruity cocktails and strawberry candy. This craft strain produces a euphoric and uplifting effect that’s hard to beat.

11. BackBeat OG

BackBeat OG is descended from Chuckles OG and Starfighter, and is a wonderfully potent indica dominant strain which has an incredibly high THC content of 30% and up! Bringing together an amazing array of complex flavors including exotic spiciness, rocket fuel and citrus notes, this potent hybrid produces a relaxing effect on both body and mind.

These 11 craft cannabis strains represent some of the top choices on the market at the moment. Each one has been honed to perfection so that it produces the desired effect. Pairing carefully chosen parents which are known for their benefits and potency, each one has the ideal blend of flavors, aromas and effects that won’t fail to impress. Whether you’re keen to chill out and relax after a busy day, whether you’re looking for a creative boost or whether you want to reduce pain and anxiety, one of these craft strains is sure to fit the bill.

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